Superhero day for our super writers

Rockingham Primary School had a special Superhero themed day as part of their creative writing topic.

The day began with a whole school assembly and a letter from the local police warning the pupils about theft in the area. The children then discovered the school’s play equipment had been stolen by the villains described in the police letter.

The pupils had to write to a superhero to save the day and help them relocate the play equipment.

Miss Dalziel said; “ We wanted to make up a scenario that the children would be really passionate about so that would reflect in their writing. You should have seen the look on their faces when we talked about superheroes, they were all very excited!” 

Throughout the day more clues appeared and the children used these in their writing. It was Spiderman that eventually came to the rescue and returned all of our play equipment because of the children’s letters.

Miss Dalziel added: “I was so impressed by the standard of the letters. All the children had written so beautifully about how important their play equipment was to them. At Rockingham we are committed to making learning fun and meaningful for every child. A fantastic day was had by all”