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Learning With Us

 At Rockingham we believe that learning should be both fun and engaging. We provide pupils with a broad and varied curriculum that encourages children to develop a thirst for knowledge and an enthusiasm for learning. We strive for high standards in all aspects of the curriculum and believe that all children should achieve to the very best of their ability.

At Rockingham we understand that every child is different and that not all children will excel in the same areas. We therefore encourage all academic and social achievements, however big or small.

As a school we have a very practical approach to teaching. We regularly encourage children to explore our outdoor learning zone, ‘The Quad’ as an Educational resource. We believe that learning doesn’t just exist within the classroom and assist pupils to become independent in all aspects of school life and the wider community. 

At Rockingham we celebrate learning by beginning each term with a 'hook'.  The 'hooks' engage children in their learning and stimulate discussion around the subject focus.

Becoming part of the David Ross Education Trust gave us the perfect opportunity to develop and change our Curriculum. We feel that this change will raise standards, drive ambition and develop well rounded individuals and citizens of the future. We believe that the enrichment opportunities offered by the Trust will complement and enhance our newly developed Curriculum in order to make the overall learning journey at Rockingham an exciting, relevant and inspiring educational experience for every child.

e-safety: a life skill

At Rockingham we recognise that while online technology is fantastic for learning and for fun, it’s really important to stay safe, so we are committed to helping children manage e-safety.  We help children to ‘be SMART’.

S: stay Safe – don’t give out your personal information to people, places or websites you don’t know and trust.

M: don’t Meet up – meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous; always check with an adult you trust.

AAccepting emails, files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know can cause problems for you and your technology.

RReliable? Check information found online before you believe it; is the person or the website telling the truth?

TTell someone – tell an adult you trust if someone or something makes you feel worried or uncomfortable.

e-Safety @ Home 

Whether it’s on a tablet, smartphone, games console or computer, most children will spend most of their online time at home, so it’s really important they can manage e-safety themselves.  Adults at home can help by:

  • monitoring how long your children spend online
  • talking to your children about their online activities
  • knowing how to set up parental locks on any device that can get online

There are lots of great resources online to help; here are a few:




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